All Children - All Families: Participation Process

All Children - All Families: Participation Process

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Interested in participating in the annual All Children - All Families Agency Self-Assessment? Request to participate today!

Participating agencies are given access to comprehensive resources, including an online self-assessment tool, expert webinars on LGBTQ+ topics, technical assistance, and more.
All at NO cost!

For agencies that are only interested in LGBTQ+ inclusion training and prefer not to engage in the Agency Self-Assessment process, All Children - All Families also has a National Training Program. Please note the training program is separate from the Agency Self-Assessment process.

About All Children - All Families

National Recognition Opportunities Annually

How to Participate

Become a leader in supporting LGBTQ+ youth and families!

Participating in All Children - All Families will give you and your organization the resources and technical assistance needed to make significant progress toward your goal of improving practice with LGBTQ+ children, youth and families.

Participating as a CASA/GAL Affiliate

Participating as an Adoption Exchange

Participating with Multiple Agency Locations

Participating as an Agency Division

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