All Children - All Families: Training Program

The All Children - All Families (ACAF) National Training Program offers expert training, capacity building, and coaching on a diverse range of LGBTQ+ topics for child welfare professionals and caregivers as well as professionals in social and human services more broadly at a sliding scale fee-for-service both in-person and virtually. High-quality, engaging, and evidenced-based training is available virtually and in-person and is customizable to the unique needs of your organization. Training for staff is a key component of LGBTQ+ inclusion within your organization, however training alone cannot fully equip an organization to be LGBTQ+ affirming. ACAF strongly recommends organizations participate in the Agency Self-Assessment program (at no cost) to address policy, practice, marketing, and community engagement to ensure full LGBTQ+ inclusion for your organization.

What Participants Have to Say:

“The training was excellent and really provided concrete skills for social workers to use when working with LGBTQ+ clients.”

ACAF In-Person Training Participant

“The ACAF Training of Facilitators experience is the most comprehensive in terms of preparation and support that I have participated in. Both the team of expert trainers and the well-developed materials serve as great learning supports for facilitators entering this work at all levels.”

ACAF Training of Facilitators Program Participant

“I learn best with visuals - this presentation was great! The presentation was helpful, the speakers were very knowledgeable. Great tips!”

ACAF Virtual Training Participant