The HRC Foundation seeks to fundamentally change the way LGBTQ+ people are treated in our everyday lives.

LGBTQ+ people are in every community, every profession and every culture -- and yet often face enormous obstacles simply because of who we are. The HRC Foundation works to build capacity and change policies, practices, hearts and minds in a range of institutions that shape our daily lives.

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The HRC Foundation creates impact through 11 programs and initiatives, working with individuals and organizations to make transformational change in the everyday lives of LGBTQ+ people.

Shedding light on injustice

Working across the organization and with allied groups, the team drives groundbreaking research, compelling digital campaigns and one-of-a-kind tools to deepen the public’s understanding of LGBTQ+ people – especially the experiences of LGBTQ+ people with multiple marginalized identities.

Transforming institutions & communities

While our work is vast, we seek to make transformational change by changing policies and practices through consultation, technical assistance and training and pioneering benchmarking tools.

Partnering for change

The strength of the LGBTQ+ community is our diversity. That’s why the HRC Foundation prioritizes actions that support and invest in building the capacity of community advocates both in the U.S. and around the globe, as well as creating strategic partnerships to advance meaningful change.

The HRC Foundation's Impact

Behind these numbers, there are countless lives changed by our work.

11.8 MIL+ Resources Viewed:

Our programs have a range of online resources that help LGBTQ+ people and allies through major life events, from navigating challenges as an LGBTQ+ person in all spaces where we learn, work, live and heal. We have had over 11.8 million views on our Foundation-related online resources from April 2023 to March 2024.

2.5 MIL+ Youth-Serving Professionals Supported:

Through our Youth Well-Being Program’s Project THRIVE partners with over 30 national organizations, HRCF provides professional development and resources to promote the well-being of LGBTQ+ youth to over 2.5 million youth-serving professionals.

1.4 MIL+ Clients Served:

Through our All Children-All Families program, we partner with hundreds of child welfare agencies across 43 states to advance LGBTQ+ inclusion in the foster care system and remove barriers to ensure LGBTQ+ young people, especially Black and Brown youth, have better permanency outcomes.

346 MIL+ Outpatient Visits:

The Health & Aging Program’s Healthcare Equality Index 2024 worked with 1065 healthcare facilities nationwide to promote LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices. These facilities have more than 346 Million outpatient visits

24 MIL+ Workers Protected:

HRC Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program has achieved dramatic advances in LGBTQ+ equality by inspiring workplaces in the U.S. and beyond to adopt inclusive employment policies, practices, and benefits, which directly impact the lives of millions of LGBTQ+ workers and their families.

10.5 MIL+ Pk-12 Students Impacted

Our Welcoming Schools Program is the only anti-bias-based bullying prevention program in the nation to provide LGBTQ+-specific training and resources for PK-12 educators with an intersectional lens to ensure they are equipped to support all students in safe and supportive classrooms.

10,000+ HBCU Students Reached

The HBCU Program is the only national initiative that mobilizes and supports HBCUs in enhancing policies and services that promote excellence in LGBTQ+ inclusion, equity, and engagement.

112 MIL+ Media Impressions

Our Public Education & Research team uses data, research, and storytelling to produce reports and resources focused on all aspects of daily life for LGBTQ+ people of all ages. In the last year alone, the Public Education & Research products have garnered millions of media impressions and reached hundreds of thousands of individuals.

250,000+ Trans Lives Supported

Our Trans Justice Initiative invests deeply in BIPOC trans communities by investing in community leadership development; providing economic empowerment & grant opportunities; engaging in strategic communications & storytelling; and helping make connections to life-saving care.

146,000+ Community Members Enriched

Our Economic Empowerment programs, Next Level and WorthIt, provide culturally-responsive education and resources to LGBTQ+ young adults with a focus on building the skills necessary to advance in their careers, manage their finances, and gain economic stability.

2 MIL + Community Members Impacted

The HIV & Health Equity program works to end the HIV epidemic and improve the overall health and wellness of LGBTQ+ communities, especially those Black and Latine through public education, expanding access to care, capacity building, and addressing institutional barriers.

39,000+ Press Articles:

Our public education efforts earn notable mentions in the press on a variety of LGBTQ+ related topics, including transgender justice, racial bias, and the experiences of LGBTQ+ people from childhood through the end of life.