HEI Training Options

HRC Foundation and our partners offer over 60 different training options that are all free to staff of HEI participating facilities, online, on-demand, and offer CME/CEU credit. These training options include both interactive eLearning courses and recorded webinars. Topics range from the basics of LGBTQ Patient-Centered Care to more specialized topics for clinicians. Learn more about the training options offered by the HRC Foundation and our partners by clicking on the links below.

The Center for Affiliated Learning (The CAL)

Offers several interactive eLearning series to meet the HEI training requirements that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The eLearning courses available through the CAL are engaging and interactive self-paced learning courses that contain audio narration, interviews, video vignettes, custom graphics, and thought-provoking interactions.

The National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center

Offers over 50 on-demand webinars in a variety of LGBTQ health topics, a number of online learning modules and a monthly live webinar series, all of which meet the HEI training requirements for on-going LGBTQ+ training. The webinars and learning modules offered by The Education Center are free and offer CME/CEU credit.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Offers trainings that have been pre-approved to count towards the on-going LGBTQ+ education training requirement in the HEI for VHA facilities and employees.

Other Pre-Approved Trainings

There are a number of external LGBTQ+ trainings and conferences that have been pre-approved for use in the HEI.

Internal Trainings Offered at your Healthcare Facility

A healthcare facility may receive on-going training credit for course(s) that they sponsor on LGBTQ+ culturally competent care and/or specific LGBTQ+ health topics. These trainings must be pre-approved before HEI credit will be given.