Ensure Access to Critical Services for Transgender/Non-binary Employees and Families

We know that employers of all shapes and sizes want to create a safe and inclusive workplace environment where all employees feel safe and affirmed, especially the most marginalized. Right now the LGBTQ+ community is facing challenges all across the country, especially transgender and non-binary workers and families. With access to gender affirming care being stripped away in states across our country, there are steps employers can take to show they care and understand the circumstances LGBTQ+ families are facing. Physical and psychological safety are essential for employers to consider for all their employees, especially transgender and non-binary employees and families.

Employers can show their commitment to transgender and non-binary inclusion by taking these simple steps.

Review these Employee Benefits, Workplace Policies and Best Practices for Inclusion:

  • Inclusive Transgender Healthcare
  • Travel & Lodging Services for Access to affirming healthcare
  • Mental Health and Wellness Programs to support employees and their dependents
  • Employee Relocation Benefits
  • Hybrid/Remote Working Opportunities
  • Time off from Work
  • Bathroom Access
  • Inclusive Dress code policy
  • Support employees transitioning at the workplace
  • Review internal policies for inclusive language
  • Create Employee Networks (ERGs) that support Transgender employees and families
  • Provide employee training on the transgender community

Non-discrimination policies, benefits and other practices that include LGBTQ+ workers are essential for businesses as they compete for talent and customers. Learn more here and find more resources to support your transgender and non-binary employees here.

The Look Forward: Count Us In

This new webinar series will focus on transgender and non-binary workplace inclusion.

2023 Count Us In Webinar Series

The Workplace Equality team and the HRC Foundation are bringing you a webinar series that will have a specific focus on transgender and non-binary workplace inclusion. The Count Us In webinars will focus on best practices and other timely topics that impact your employees and their families.

Dates and topics are subject to change:

Mythbusting: Correcting Disinformation About Transgender and Nonbinary Community

Date: July 10, 2023

In this session, we will dispel common misconceptions and myths about transgender and nonbinary people. From history to healthcare to sports, we will correct the record and give attendees the truth about the trans community.

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Getting Serious About Trans Rights: A Roadmap for Employers

Date: August 14, 2023

In collaboration with our Stakeholder Engagement team, we will provide a roadmap to help corporations get serious about supporting the rights of transgender and nonbinary people.

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Supporting the Trans and Nonbinary Community in the Workplace and Beyond

Date: September 18, 2023

This session will center on how cisgender people can stand up for trans and nonbinary people in their workplaces and communities. Going beyond passive education, this webinar will provide individuals with tools to activate their allyship in the real world.

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LGBTQ+ History: Trailblazers and Innovators

Date: October 9, 2023

This session will tell the true stories of LGBTQ+ people that have made significant contributions to history in the US and beyond. Will focus on workplace-related topics like LGBTQ+ business leaders and entrepreneurs, labor activists, and innovators/inventors.

About the Series