This section focuses on known activity that would undermine LGBTQ equality or patient care.

Healthcare organizations can have 25 points deducted from their score for a large-scale official or public anti-LGBTQ blemish on their recent records. Scores on this criterion are based on information that has come to HRC Foundation’s attention related to topics including but not limited to:

  • revoking inclusive LGBTQ policies or practices;
  • facilitating the continued practice of healthcare providers that provide or promote LGBTQ related treatment or services to that have been discredited by mainstream medical and mental health organizations, including, but not limited to, “conversion therapy”;
  • engaging in proven practices that are contrary to the organization's written LGBTQ patient or employment policies;
  • advocating for public policies or regulations that would be detrimental to LGBTQ equality and health
  • or directing charitable contributions or other public support to organizations whose primary mission includes advocacy against LGBTQ equality or patient care.

HRC realizes that no institution is perfect and that situations may arise where an individual or small group act in a way that is not in alignment with the organization’s policies and commitment to LGBTQ equality and patient care. This criterion is not intended to penalize an organization in those situations where an isolated negative action takes place, provided that the organization addresses the situation and takes action to ensure that their commitment to LGBTQ patient care remains uncompromised.

In the cases where HRC would consider applying the responsible citizenship deduction based on the actions of one individual employed by the hospital, health system or affiliated university, we would only do so after looking at the totality of the situation and considering the following factors:

  • The breadth and depth of the action(s) by the employee and the potential damage that could be done to the LGBTQ community.
  • The environment, context and history of the organization as it relates to the actions of the employee.
  • The response of the organization and whether or not they have responded in a way to mitigate the harm caused by the actions.

Prior to applying the point deduction, the HRC Foundation will make every attempt to work with the organization to resolve the concerns. If it is necessary to apply the point deduction, it may be reflected in a current or future score, depending on the situation. If applied to a current score, HEI Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality status will be suspended or revoked as necessary. If at any time after losing points on this criterion, a healthcare facility changes course and satisfies the HRC Foundation’s noted concerns, HRC Foundation will re-evaluate the criterion for that facility.

In the HEI 2018, only one hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, received this point deduction. Click here to learn why.