Request HEI Training Credit

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Requesting HEI Training Credit

Healthcare facilities that are participating must request credit for trainings, other than The CAL or The National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center. Information about trainings completed through the CAL, The National LGBTIA+ Health Education Center, or these approved trainings from the VHA, will be provided directly to the HEI team by our learning partners.

You need to request credit for:

  1. Any approved trainings that staff at your facility views as a group.
    1. Includes group viewings of any of the approved trainings from The CAL, the National LGBTIA+ Health Education Center, and the VHA, and any external in-person group trainings (that have been pre-approved by the HEI).
    2. You must submit a sign-in sheet(s) with the names and signatures of all of the participants for whom you are requesting credit hours. Add these sign-in sheets to your Training Request Form. If you need to submit sign-in sheets for multiple facilities, please complete a separate submission form for each Facility/Facility ID.
  2. Any external trainings (that have been pre-approved by the HEI) that are implemented through a healthcare facility's internal Learning Management System (LMS) system.
    1. If the training is completed through your internal LMS system you should submit a report from that system instead of sign-in sheets.
  3. Other external trainings on LGBTQ health that have been pre-approved for use in the HEI.

  4. Any other external trainings on LGBTQ health that provide CME/CEU credit.

Training Credit Request Form

The Training Credit Request Form must be submitted by an official representative of the facility—ideally, the official HEI submitter for a facility will submit this form. The form will require you to upload validation of training completion such as sign in sheets, LMS attendance reports, or copies of CME/CEU certificates.

Additionally, if your training was completed through Zoom or Microsoft Teams webinar, please submit an attendee report that details login time and length of attendance.

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