Patient and Community Engagement

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This criteria is designed to familiarize an organization with best practices, from The Joint Commission and other sources, regarding LGBTQ-related community engagement.

HEI participants that are designated Leaders in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality, can use their Leader designation to begin or expand outreach to LGBTQ groups and individuals in their service area. The Leader designation signals a strong commitment to LGBTQ equity and inclusion, and has been used by many organizations to strengthen community engagement.

To receive credit in the HEI:

There are 9 scored questions in this section. In order to receive the full 10 points, a facility must have at least 4 of the following best practices in place. Facilities that have 2 or 3 of the following best practices in place will receive a partial score of 5 for this criterion.

Scored best practices include:

LGBTQ Community Engagement and Marketing

  • Support one or more LGBTQ related events or initiatives in the facility’s service area
  • Engage in LGBTQ-inclusive marketing or advertising to the LGBTQ community
  • Have an LGBTQ-specific logo (new)
  • Organization has publicly supported LGBTQ equality under the law through local, state, or federal legislation or initiatives (new)

Understand the Needs of LGBTQ Patients and Community

  • Patient surveys allow patients the option to identify as LGBTQ
  • Patient surveys include LGBTQ related questions
  • Organization works with LGBTQ organizations or community members to assess LGBTQ needs or address LGBTQ-related concerns (revised)
  • Include external LGBTQ representation on a governing or community advisory board
  • Support LGBTQ health-related research

HEI Scored Questions

LGBTQ Community Engagement and Marketing

Understand the Needs of LGBTQ Patients and Community