The HEI is a biennial survey. The survey is conducted in odd years (typically beginning around June) and the report is published in even years. The next HEI Report will be the HEI 2026. The HEI 2026 survey will be in the field in the summer of 2025. Sign up to participate now to get into our database to receive the HEI 2026 criteria and technical assistance resources.

The HEI is intended for inpatient facilities that provide general medical and surgical care. However, specialty hospitals and certain outpatient healthcare facilities may request to participate in the HEI. Typically a facility or organization must have at least 100 employees to be eligible to participate.

The outpatient facilities that are eligible to participate include: non-profit community-based clinic organizations such as FQHCs and FQHC look-alikes; public health department clinics; student health centers; LGBTQ+ and HIV specialty clinics; Planned Parenthood Affiliates and other reproductive and/or fertility health clinics; and other nonprofit or governmental organizations that prioritize meeting the healthcare needs of an underserved area or population. For these organizations that have multiple clinic sites, there are special guidelines for meeting the training criteria. These organizations should register below for the primary organization only, not for individual clinic sites.

Physician practices, medical groups, mental healthcare providers, and solo health practitioners are NOT eligible to participate in the HEI but are encouraged to participate in the LGBTQ+Healthcare Directory.

The HEI is limited to healthcare facilities in the United States and its Territories and Commonwealths.

Before you complete this form, we suggest you search the HEI to make sure your facility isn't already a participant.

Previous participants should not use this form to request a survey link or change a survey contact. Please contact us directly at