LGBTQ Patient Services and Support

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The criteria on LGBTQ Patient Services and Support includes questions related to planning to serve LGBTQ populations, providing LGBTQ specific services, and communications about LGBTQ health topics and services.

To receive credit in the HEI:

This subsection of the Patient Services and Support Criteria includes 8 of the 25 scored best practices.

Scored best practices include:

  • Have a written strategy or plan for reducing health disparities among LGBTQ patients and/or incorporate LGBTQ patients into a plan for reducing all patient disparities
  • Have an internal planning or advisory committee focused on LGBTQ patient care issues
  • Publicly make LGBTQ-knowledgeable and -friendly providers or facilities known as such to interested patients or provide a confidential mechanism to make LGBTQ-specific referrals
  • Provide some LGBTQ-specific clinical services
  • Have an externally promoted LGBTQ-specific clinic (new)
  • Have an externally promoted LGBTQ-focused office, advocate or LGBTQ-specific patient navigator (updated)
  • Provide educational LGBTQ-related health information and/or links to LGBTQ health education or service resources from outside organizations on the facility’s website (updated)
  • Create and distribute a LGBTQ health education brochure or other print materials about specific health topics and how they impact LGBTQ people (not an LGBTQ services brochure for marketing purposes) (updated)

HEI Scored Questions

Planning to Serve LGBTQ Populations

Serving LGBTQ Populations