LGBTQ+ Marketing and Advertising

LGBTQ+ Buying Power

The total buying power of the adult U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer population is projected $917 billion (Huffington Post: Witeck Communications 2015 Study)

LGBTQ+ / Non-LGBTQ+ Purchasing Habits

A 2015 analysis from Witeck Communications studied the combined buying power and purchasing patterns of the LGBTQ+ adult population. The report found that LGBTQ+ workers, businesses and consumers are directly shaping the American economy. Additionally, contemporary market behaviors are favorably shaped my millennials who are the most LGBTQ+- inclusive generation yet. For example, in August 2014, according to a Google Consumer Survey, over 45% of all consumers under the age of 34 say they’re more likely to do repeat business with an LGBTQ+-friendly company. A majority of these consumers – more than 54% — also say they would choose an equality-focused brand over a competitor.

Echelon Magazine maintains a list of LGBTQ+ market-related studies and other research.





  • Web advertising, such as that purchased through Google's AdWords, can target LGBTQ+-specific websites.

Event Sponsorships

Similarly, event and conference sponsorships can provide businesses with targeted audiences that can assist their bottom line. For example, businesses that support LGBTQ+ pride celebrations in particular cities can establish local connections with LGBTQ+ consumers. Meanwhile, many law firms attend and recruit from the annual Lavender Law conference, which provides attendees the opportunity to interact with firms that are very clearly interested in hiring LGBTQ+ lawyers.