Workplace Equality Program

Advancing workplace equality for LGBTQ employees means looking far beyond the employee handbook—it means putting policy into practice on the factory floor, in the corporate boardroom and everywhere in between. HRC’s Workplace Equality Program is the nationally recognized voice for advocacy, information and guidance on LGBTQ workplace issues.

Workplace Equality Projects

Corporate Equality Index (CEI)

The CEI is an annual survey and report benchmarking best practices in LGBTQ diversity and inclusion among the nation’s largest corporations and law firms. The CEI has been a highly influential tool in moving corporate America forward and paving the way to a landscape where millions of employees can count on LGBTQ fairness in the workplace.

Degrees of Equality Project

Degrees of Equality delivers groundbreaking reports and customized trainings to improve the climate for LGBTQ employees in the workplace. Through this project, we help bridge the gap between LGBTQ-inclusive policies and welcoming workplace environments.