All Children - All Families: LGBTQ+ Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

All Children - All Families: LGBTQ+ Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

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Anti-Racism, Race Equity & Inclusion

  • Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources
    This document provides resources, activities and concrete steps to take become an allies and ultimately an accomplice for anti-racist work. It is regularly updated and ordered in order to be maximally accessible.
  • Racial Equity Tools
    This website provides extensive resources in the pursuit of racial equity.

For Professionals Serving LGBTQ+ Families

Professional Statements & Support for LGBTQ+ Parenting

Perspectives of LGBTQ+ Families

Best Practices

All Children - All Families offers best practice guidance and model policies in the following areas:

For Professionals Serving LGBTQ+ Youth

Research on Experiences of LGBTQ+ Youth in Care

Best Practices

Assessing/Discussing SOGIE

Child Welfare/Foster Care & Adoption

Congregate Care/Group Homes

Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Youth

Understanding Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Youth

Ensuring Equitable Care



Juvenile Justice


  • Schools in Transition, Human Rights Campaign, 2015
    This guide offers fundamental information about gender, guidelines for meeting the needs of transgender or gender-expansive students, talking points for common questions and concerns, and other practical resources.
  • Welcoming Schools, Human Rights Campaign Foundation
    Welcoming Schools is a comprehensive approach to creating respectful and supportive elementary schools. On the program’s web page, you can find resources and professional development to embrace family diversity, create LGBTQ+-inclusive schools, prevent bias-based bullying and gender stereotyping, and support transgender and gender-expansive students.
  • Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
    GLSEN works to improve our nation’s K-12 schools for LGBTQ+ youth and their website includes lesson plans, programs to help teachers and students take action, research on LGBTQ+ issues in education, and much more.
  • GSA Network
    This LGBTQ+ racial and gender justice organization’s website includes resources to help youth and their advisors start their own Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), leadership and activist training for youth, and research about the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth in schools.

Resource Compilations

Federal & State Policy

National Programs

Staff & Foster Parent Training Resources

Archived Webinars on LGBTQ Youth in Care

LGBTQ+ Parent Perspectives

For LGBTQ+ Youth

For Foster & Adoptive Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth

Resources by and for Youth with LGBTQ+ Parents