All Children - All Families: Online Learning Archive

All Children - All Families: Online Learning Archive

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HRC's All Children - All Families regularly provides online learning offerings covering promising practices in serving LGBTQ+ children, youth and families. To watch the recordings at no cost, click "View Recorded Webinar" and fill out the short form. You will then receive an email with instructions for viewing the webinar.

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Note: If your agency is participating in the 2024 cycle, all webinars should be completed through HRC Learn unless you're utilizing your agency's learning management system or you've been authorized by ACAF to continue using the existing archive. Email if you have any questions.

Core Curriculum

Introduction to LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Presented by All Children - All Families | 90 minutes

This webinar covers foundational information related to serving LGBTQ+ youth and families. Topics include key terminology and concepts, an overview of the barriers faced by LGBTQ+ youth and families in child welfare, and the steps all service providers can take to overcome these barriers in order to create a welcoming environment.

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Best Practices in Serving LGBTQ+ Parents

Presented by All Children - All Families| 90 Minutes

This webinar provides an in-depth look at role-specific best practices for serving LGBTQ+ foster and adoptive parents. Topics include facts and myths around LGBTQ+ parenting, law and policy, LGBTQ+ parent recruitment, homestudies, and matching/placement.

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Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ+ Youth

Presented by All Children - All Families | 90 Minutes

This webinar takes a closer look at the information and resources needed to achieve safety, permanency and well-being for LGBTQ+ youth in out-of-home care. Topics include research on LGBTQ+ youth experiences, the rights of LGBTQ+ youth, finding LGBTQ+ affirming placements, and tools for advocacy.

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Special Topics

Traditionally Religious AND LGBTQ+-Affirming: How Social Workers Can Help Families Be Both

Presented By: Robin McHaelen, Julia Buck, Jaime Dias Delgado, Melanie Michaud, Brooke Scott | 60 minutes | August 2021

A positive response to their child’s LGBTQ+ journey is critical in helping that young person grow into a healthy, happy young adult. For some families, their religious beliefs seem directly in conflict with affirming their child’s LGBTQ+ identity. Social workers, clinicians and other providers can help families negotiate the journey in ways that support their values and their children. Featuring social workers who successfully balanced their own religious beliefs with their professional responsibilities, this webinar will offer participants strategies for use in their work and in their personal lives.

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Neither//Nor: Stories of Life Beyond Binary Gender

Presented by Robin McHaelen & Panel | 60 minutes | July 2021

Non-Binary; NB; Gender Fluid, Genderqueer… More and more people are negotiating gender beyond the binaries of Male/Female/Man/Woman/Boy/Girl. This panel of youth and young adults will share their experiences beyond the gender binary and how child welfare professionals and organizations can create inclusive spaces for folks of all genders.

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Putting Intersectionality Into Practice

Presented by Nia Clark and Robin McHaelen | 60 minutes | January 2021

This webinar will introduce participants to intersectionality -- a theory that calls on us to recognize that oppressions are linked and cannot be resolved alone -- and how it informs our efforts to achieve safety, permanency and well-being for all young people. Participants will hear directly from LGBTQ+ youth on what intersectionality means to them and what it looks like in practice for child welfare professionals. Case scenarios focused on serving LGBTQ+ youth and adults in child welfare will illustrate what intersectionality can look like in practice.

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Serving LGBTQ+ Parents

LGBTQ Parents Speak Out: What They Have Learned About Fostering Youth

Presented by Robin McHaelen, James Alva, Sarah Field, Eddie Rodriguez, Matthew Strieker | 60 minutes | March 2021

This panel of LGBTQ+ parents and kinship caregivers will share the joys -- and challenges -- of fostering youth. Panelists will share their experiences with foster/kinship care, with an emphasis on support strategies that worked -- or didn’t. This webinar will be of interest to potential foster parents as well as the social workers/agencies that recruit, train and support caregivers.

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Innovative Strategies for LGBTQ+ Parent Recruitment & Engagement

Presented in partnership with ACAF 2019 Innovators Children's Home Society and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota; Colorado Office of Children, Youth and Families; and ExtraordinaryFamilies | 60 minutes | March 2020

This webinar presents three different innovative approaches to LGBTQ+ parent recruitment and engagement. Representatives from three agencies certified as “Innovators” with All Children - All Families offer an overview of their strategic recruitment plans including the challenges and successes they have faced during implementation.

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Fighting Back Against "License to Discriminate" Legislation

Presented by Cathryn M. Oakley, HRC State Legislative Director & Senior Counsel | 60 minutes | January 2020

This webinar is for those interested in engaging in public policy advocacy on so-called "license-to-discriminate” legislation. Topics include an overview of several false assumptions often relied upon to justify these bills, examples of organization and individual-level advocacy efforts and tips for how to get started.

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LGBTQ+ Adult Experiences & Perceptions on Foster Care & Adoption: Findings from 2019 Survey

Presented by All Children - All Families | 60 minutes | November 2019

This webinar presents findings from the HRC Foundation’s 2019 survey, conducted in partnership with Clark University, that asked more than 3,600 LGBTQ+ adult respondents about their experiences and perceptions related to foster care and adoption. Topics include the perceived and actual barriers experienced by LGBTQ+ adults pursuing foster care and adoption. Participants will gain insight on ways to improve their recruitment and outreach to this often-untapped community of potential resource parents.

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Navigating Conversations on Religion & The LGBTQ+ Community

Presented by Lisbeth M Meléndez Rivera, Director of Faith Outreach & Training | 60 minutes | March 2019

This webinar is designed for professionals looking to increase their knowledge and comfort level related to navigating conversations around religion and LGBTQ+ identities. Topics include an overview of affirming faith positions on LGBTQ+ topics, resources for responding to faith-based concerns as agencies welcome LGBTQ+ headed families and guides available for LGBTQ+ people of faith.

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LGBTQ+ Parent Recruitment 201

Presented by All Children - All Families | 60 minutes | January 2019

This webinar shares tips geared toward agencies with an intermediate or advanced level of LGBTQ+ parent recruitment experience. Topics include evaluating the effectiveness of recruitment efforts, diversifying your pool of prospective LGBTQ+ parents, and examples of innovative approaches to this work.

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Promising Practices with Trans & Non-Binary Parents

Presented by All Children - All Families | 60 minutes | November 2018

This webinar introduces HRC's resource guide for child welfare professionals on how to welcome, affirm, recruit and best serve transgender and non-binary foster and adoptive parents. Promising practices identified through interviews with agency administrators, legal and policy experts as well as trans and non-binary foster and adoptive parents are shared through case studies.

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Guiding Principles for Conducting LGBTQ+ Affirming Homestudies

Presented by All Children - All Families | 60 minutes | October 2018

This webinar presents a set of core guiding principles for conducting LGBTQ+ affirming homestudies and reviews related HRC tools and resources. Examples of homestudy questions specific to LGBTQ+ individuals and couples as well as the rationale behind these questions are provided.

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LGBTQ+ Parent Recruitment 101

Presented by All Children - All Families | 60 minutes | August 2018

This webinar offers beginner-level tips for agencies looking to better engage LGBTQ+ prospective parents. Topics include the essential steps agencies should take to prepare for intentional outreach to the LGBTQ+ community and proven strategies for starting this work.

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Serving LGBTQ+ Youth

Allyship and Accessibility - Understanding the Intersection of Autism and LGBTQ+ Identity

Presented by Alyssa F. Fenix, M.Ed | 90 minutes | April 2023

There is growing research highlighting the intersectional experience of LGBTQ+ identity and Neurodivergence. This webinar will help participants understand affirming practices for supporting autistic LGBTQ+ individuals, including up-to-date and inclusive terminology, primary experiences/accounts of what it means to be autistic and LGBTQ+, as well as ways that your organization can be inclusive and accessible.

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Native & Indigenous LGBTQIA2S+ Youth in Child Welfare

Presented by Crys O'Grady, JD | 90 minutes | April 2023

Cultural connection is a protective factor for Indigenous and native LGBTQIA2S+ youth impacted by the child welfare system. This webinar is designed for child welfare professionals looking to develop a deeper understanding of providing culturally responsive and culturally relevant resources and supports for Indigenous and Native LGBTQIA2S+ youth. Topics include an overview of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, best practices for providing holistic support to youth impacted by generational and historical trauma, and resources specific to working with Indigenous and Native LGBTQIA2S+ youth and tribal child welfare agencies.

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Using a Racial Equity Lens 2.0: Best Practices for Black & Brown LGBTQIA2S+ Youth in Care

Presented by Nia Clark, MSW | 90 minutes | March 2023

Research shows that Black & Brown youth account for the largest percentage of LGBTQIA2S+ youth in foster care and juvenile justice. The overrepresentation can be largely attributed to patterns of racial bias and discrimination found at various levels in the child welfare system, including service delivery and policy implementation. To disrupt these patterns, child welfare providers need to use a racial equity lens, a set of questions we must ask ourselves throughout the decision-making process, to ensure we consider the perspectives and lived experiences of the diverse racial & ethnic communities we intend to serve. In this webinar, we will review emerging data, policy recommendations, and best and "next" practices to more effectively meet the needs of these underserved youth and families.

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The Whole Family is on a Journey: Strategies for Helping Families When Their Child Comes Out

Presented by Nia Clark, Robin McHaelen, Lauren Wethers-Coggins | 60 minutes | June 2021

Family response is the single most important indicator of outcomes for LGBTQ+ youth. Family rejection correlates with every known risk factor - suicide, substance use and abuse, homelessness, family violence, truancy and cigarette smoking. Even small changes in rejecting behavior can significantly reduce these risks. Incorporating the seminal work of Dr. Caitlin Ryan, and using an intersectional lens, this webinar will focus on ways in which social workers can support families at various points in their journey.

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Recruiting Affirming Foster & Adoptive Parents for LGBTQ+ Youth

Presented by Nia Clark and Robin McHaelen | 60 minutes | April 2021

This webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with recruiting, retaining and supporting LGBTQ+-affirming foster and adoptive parents. Organizations across the country recognize the need to identify caregivers who are able to provide truly safe and affirming homes for youth with diverse SOGIE. Strategies specific to increasing your pool of LGBTQ+-identified and non-LGBTQ+, ally caregivers will be covered.

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CDC 2019 LGBTQ+ Data: A Call to Action for Child Welfare Workers

Presented by Charleigh Flohr, Research Manager, Public Education & Research Program, and Robin McHaelen, All Children - All Families Trainer | 60 minutes | March 2021

Approximately 30% of youth in the child welfare system are LGBTQ+. The trauma of foster care can be intensified for LGBTQ+ youth who face a wide array of compounding mental and physical health challenges. This webinar will discuss the HRC Foundation’s analysis of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data and what it means for LGBTQ+ youth and child welfare workers. The intersectional conversation includes topics such as academic performance, drug and alcohol use, health, housing instability, and violence. Topics will also consider the compounding effects of race, ethnicity and gender identity on the outcomes of youth.

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How You Can Make a Difference - Panel Discussion with LGBTQ+ Foster Care Alumni

Presented in partnership with FosterClub, the national network for youth in foster care | 60 minutes | April 2020

This webinar features a panel of LGBTQ+ foster care alumni dedicated to creating change in the child welfare system Panelists will share their stories and provide recommendations for youth-serving professionals on how to best support young people with diverse SOGIE.

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LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health Today: Findings and Resources from the Trevor Project

Presented in partnership with the Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ young people under 25 | 60 minutes | February 2020

This webinar explores the most recent data from Trevor Project’s annual National Survey on LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health. Topics will include key findings from the report as well as the many ways that Trevor Project can be a life-saving resource for youth that you are supporting.

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Advocating for LGBTQ+ Youth with Disabilities: A Guide on Supporting LGBTQ+ Students with an IEP or 504 Plan

Presented by: National Association of School Psychologists, the world’s largest association of school psychologists | 60 minutes | December 2019

This webinar introduces a new resource from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and National Association of School Psychologists, National Center for Lesbian Rights, National Education Association and the Raben Group, "Advocating for LGBTQ+ Youth with Disabilities: A Guide on Supporting LGBTQ+ Students with an IEP or 504 Plan.” This webinar will empower professionals looking to better support LGBTQ+ students who have a disability which requires an Individualized Education Program or 504 Plan. Topics include the rights of LGBTQ+ students with disabilities and how disability status coupled with LGBTQ+ bias can create unique challenges for these young people in educational institutions.

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Creating an Atmosphere of Affirmation & Love for Trans Youth: Lessons from Former Foster Youth Turned Adoptive Parent

Presented by: Ashley Rhodes-Courter, MSW, HRC Foundation Parents for Transgender Equality Council member and New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Three Little Words.”| 60 minutes | November 2019

This webinar is designed for caregivers and professionals looking to increase their knowledge on supporting transgender youth. Participants will hear from former foster youth, Ashley Rhodes-Courter, about her experience adopting a trans youth and the lessons she learned in creating a welcoming and affirming space.

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Advancing Changes to Promote Well-Being for LGBTQ+ Youth of Color Impacted by Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems

Presented by: The Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA Law dedicated to conducting rigorous, independent research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy | 60 minutes | October 2019

This webinar will present information about LGBTQ+ youth of color in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Presenters will explain how racism and LGBTQ+ stigma increase risk of system-involvement for these young people. The value of an intersectional approach to understand risk, as well as specific actions that those working within child welfare agencies can take to promote change will be discussed.

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Part II - The Role of Youth-Serving Professionals in HIV Prevention

Presented by: Leslie Hall, Associate Director of the HBCU Program | 60 minutes | December 2018

This webinar covers recent data around HIV prevention in particular and the ways youth-serving professionals can reduce risk for young people in their care. Topics include how to connect with local HIV resources, how to debunk common myths about HIV prevention, and how to stay up to date on the latest research and resources for HIV prevention.

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Part I - The Facts About HIV Today

Presented by: Tyrell Manning, Engagement Specialist | 60 minutes | December 2018

This webinar provides an overview of the most recent data on the state of HIV/AIDS, and what child welfare professionals should know while serving young people. Participants will learn about the state of the epidemic, its relevance to child welfare in particular, and which youth are most at risk.

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Supporting Trans & Gender-Expansive Youth

Presented by: Nia Desiré Clark, ACAF Trainer & Child Welfare Consultant | 60 minutes | November 2018

This webinar provides in-depth information on how to welcome, affirm, and best serve transgender and gender-expansive youth in out-of-home care. Topics include the diversity of identities and experiences among these young people, tips for ensuring you are an affirming presence in their lives, and resources for advocacy.

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Risk Factors & Health Disparities Among Gender-Expansive Youth

Presented by: Alison Gill | 60 minutes | October 2018

This webinar explores the most recent data from HRC's 2017 survey findings on gender expression among young people. Topics include the link between gender expression and health disparities among gender-expansive youth and what service providers need to know in order to improve outcomes for these young people.

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Supporting Bisexual & Pansexual Youth

Presented by: Robin P. McHaelen, MSW Executive Director True Colors, Inc | 60 minutes | September 2018

This webinar takes a closer look at the experiences of young people who identify as bisexual, pansexual as well as other diverse sexual orientations. Drawing from HRC’s 2017 survey findings, topics include the evolving nature of language and tips for creating spaces that truly affirm youth of all sexual orientations.

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LGBTQ Youth Today: Key Findings from HRC National Survey

Presented by: Liam Miranda, Senior Research Manager, Public Education & Research | 60 minutes | August 2018

This webinar covers the key findings from HRC’s groundbreaking 2017 survey of more than 12,000 LGBTQ+ teens. Findings shed light on the persistent challenges many LGBTQ+ face going about their daily lives at home, at school and in their communities.

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For Caregivers

Caring for LGBTQ+ Youth: An Introduction for Foster Parents

Presented by: All Children - All Families | 60 minutes | Multiple sessions from August 2018 to February 2019

Foster and adoptive parents are an extremely diverse community of people with one thing in common: the desire to love, nurture and care for children and youth. Many parents may not realize that LGBTQ+ youth are overrepresented in foster care and are at higher risks of rejection and harm while in care. This webinar will first explain key terms and concepts that all foster/adoptive parents need to know in order to better understand LGBTQ+ youth. Research on the importance of providing affirming homes for these youth, as well as concrete tips for how to be affirming will then be presented.

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For Agency Leadership

LGBTQ Policy: Taking a Collaborative Approach to LGBTQ Policy Creation & Implementation

Presented by: Alicia Bazell, Angela Weeks, Alison Delpercio, Chantilly Wijayasinha, Evelyn Cortez, Tony Porter, Katie Page Sanders | 90 minutes | March 2021

This webinar will explore how to create and implement LGBTQ+ inclusive agency policies. Specifically, panelists will explain common gaps in LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, as well as how to make impactful policies through collaboration with stakeholders, the community and leadership.

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SOGIE Data Collection: Exploring Current Best Practice & Lessons Learned from the Field

Presented by: Alicia Bazell, Angela Weeks, Kathryn Berringer, Ellen Kitzerow, Kori Sewell | 90 minutes | February 2021

This webinar will explore the current state of SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression) data collection in child welfare, including a review of emerging best practices and resources available from jurisdictions collecting SOGIE data. Panelists from several jurisdictions will discuss their experiences with implementing SOGIE data collection measures and lessons learned.

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LGBTQ+ Staff Training: Getting Beyond LGBTQ+ 101 and Making Sure Training Sticks

Presented by: Alison Delpercio, Harry Morgan (Prince George's County), Angela Weeks (LGBTQ2S Quality Improvement Center) | 90 minutes | February 2021

This webinar will explore strategies for ensuring staff training efforts on LGBTQ+ inclusion is impactful. Content will include a detailed look at core learning objectives to cover during staff training, how to move beyond “101” LGBTQ+ cultural competency training and create a training plan that meets the needs of staff members across experience levels. Panelists will discuss successes and challenges of implementing staff training and lessons learned in training delivery.

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Executive Briefing: Proven Leadership Strategies & Innovative Approaches to Include LGBTQ+ Stakeholders

Presented by: Rhodes Perry, MPA, Founder & CEO, Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC | Multiple Sessions

Do you want your agency to do a better job welcoming LGBTQ+ stakeholders, but find yourself struggling with where to start? Does your agency’s diversity and inclusion vision need updated to include LGBTQ+ stakeholders? Are you just generally confused about what your leadership team can do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this facilitated discussion is especially for you. Together, we will create a brave space for executives interested in gaining greater awareness about themselves and their organizations, and to specifically offer proven leadership and innovation approaches that can create a more LGBTQ+ inclusive organization.

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Moving Forward Toward Racial Equity & Inclusion: A Discussion for All Children - All Families Partner Organizations

Presented by Juanita Gallion, Deputy Director of Equity & Learning, Center for Study of Social Policy, Kristen Weber, Director of Equity, Inclusion & Justice, Center for Study of Social Policy | 60 minutes | June 2020

As protests against police brutality, racism and white supremacy continue across the U.S., ACAF partner organizations are publicly committing to action to advance racial equity and inclusion within their institutions. Many are also re-examining the child welfare system’s role in structural racism. This webinar, offered in partnership with our friends at the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), is an opportunity for organization leaders and change-makers to learn together as we move to put these commitments into action. Three stages of organizational growth identified through CSSP’s own journey toward centering racial equity, inclusion and justice will be presented. Lessons learned will also be covered, with insight on both the internal change work necessary to create racially equitable work environments as well as ensuring equitable external efforts.

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Policy Strategies for Preventing Conversion Therapy

Presented by Sarah Warbelow, HRC Legal DIrector | 60 minutes | May 2019

This webinar is geared toward agency leaders looking to implement policies and practices to prevent young people within their agency’s care from being subjected to so-called “conversion therapy.” Topics include, an overview of the current legal landscape of anti-conversion therapy protections and strategies for advocating for these policies at the organizational, local, state and federal level.

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A Powerful Voice: Child Welfare Experts & LGBTQ+ Policy Advocacy

Presented by: Cathryn M. Oakley, HRC State Legislative Director and Senior Counsel | 60 minutes | February 2019

This webinar is for agency leaders and policy/political affairs professionals interested in engaging in LGBTQ+ related public policy advocacy. Whether it is supporting a ban on conversion therapy, calling for LGBTQ+ non-discrimination protections, or fighting back against so-called "religious refusal" laws, the voices of child welfare experts are crucial to today's public policy debates. Topics include an overview of key legal areas for advocacy, examples of organization and individual-level advocacy efforts and tips for how to get started.

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Part II - The Role of Allies in Creating LGBTQ+-Inclusive Workplaces

Presented by: Beck Bailey, Director of Workplace Equality Program | 60 minutes | December 2018

This webinar presents data from HRC's workplace climate survey and report "The Cost of the Closet and the Rewards of Inclusion" which found that more than half of LGBTQ+ employees are still not "out" at work today. Topics include common barriers to building LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces, the crucial role ally (non-LGBTQ+) employees can play in moving agency environments toward inclusion and the tools needed to do so.

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Part I - Becoming An Employer of Choice for the LGBTQ+ Community

Presented by: Beck Bailey, Director of Workplace Equality Program | 60 minutes | December 2018

This webinar is designed for agency leaders working to ensure the diversity of their employees reflects that of the communities they serve by recruiting and retaining LGBTQ+ employees. Topics include an overview of key policies and benefits for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace, common workplace challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people and strategies for LGBTQ+ employee recruitment.

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Strategies for LGBTQ+ Community Engagement at Pride Festivals

Presented by: Human Rights Campaign's Membership Outreach Team | 60 minutes | April 2018

Every year, Pride celebrations all around the country offer an opportunity to send a clear message of support and affirmation to your local LGBTQ+ community. This webinar is designed for organizations big and small looking to participate in Prides. HRC’s pride experts will help you find local Pride events, offer tips for maximizing your investment, and cover the essential steps to effectively engaging Pride attendees. We’ll also cover how to determine which events are most valuable for your budget, and strategies for turning the contacts made at Pride into meaningful engagement with your organization.

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