Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Benefits (Criterion 2d)

Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Benefits (Criterion 2d)

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Transgender-Inclusive Health Care Coverage

Much like the CEI’s domestic partner benefits criteria, the premise of parity underlies the transgender-inclusive benefits section of the CEI criteria. For example, coverage for routine care, hormone therapies and medically necessary surgeries is available to cisgender people (people who are not transgender) under virtually all employer-sponsored health insurance plans. These same healthcare benefits must also be extended to transgender people covered by these employer-sponsored plans to meet CEI criteria. Many employers have begun to comprehensively address health insurance coverage for transgender individuals, and most have experienced insignificant or no premium increases as a result.

To receive credit in Criteria 2c (25 points):

  • Employer must have at least one firm-wide plan that explicitly affirms coverage for transition-related care (15 points)
    • Plan documentation should be readily available to employees and clearly communicate inclusive insurance options to employees and their eligible dependents
  • Employer must have removed all broad exclusions to transition-related health care coverage across all plan offerings (10 points)

For more information about transgender inclusive health care benefits coverage, click here.

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