Transgender Inclusion: Start the Conversation

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Trans Inclusion at the Workplace

These are not meant to “test” your knowledge but more to invite a dialogue and learning experience for everyone. You can use these to take a personal inventory of your experience with transgender inclusion – or as conversation starters with your ERG, D&I team or other work groups.

  • How does our LGBTQ employee group or network specifically welcome transgender co-workers? Do we have openly transgender members? Planned programming specifically on transgender inclusion?
  • What constitutes transgender allyship? Ask yourself this question or discuss on a group level. To go to a more personal level, ask your openly transgender friend exactly how you can be a good ally to them.
  • If I witnessed a colleague being inappropriate to a transgender or gender non-conforming customer/client, I would_________________. If a colleague made an inappropriate comment or joke about a transgender or gender nonconforming co-worker (or transgender people, generally) in my presence, I would__________________.
  • Imagine you are representing your company at a college job fair. How would you communicate your diversity & inclusion efforts – including efforts around transgender inclusion – to prospective applicants?
  • My company actively engages with, or supports, the transgender community by _______________.
  • Have our executives spoken specifically about transgender inclusion?
  • What would it mean for the company to become more inclusive and open to transgender employees?

The Need to Speak Up is Clear: Harsh Workplace Realities for Transgender People

According to HRC's 2014 workplace climate survey and report, The Cost of the Closet and the Rewards of Inclusion:

  • 40% hear jokes about transgender people in the workplace.
  • 42 % of transgender workers fear getting fired for disclosing who they are.
  • 40% of transgender workers report "fear for personal safety" as a reason for not being open.

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Transgender Inclusion Conversation Starters

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