Quotes from #workingpositively Members

We are honored to sign the #workingpositively pledge, and to partner with the Human Rights Campaign in support of inclusive and empowering workplaces for people living with HIV. Gilead is deeply committed to ending stigma and creating space where all employees can be themselves and achieve their full potential. We will continue to work together with our colleagues, partners and communities to support those living with HIV and other chronic illnesses, and end the discrimination so many people face.

Jyoti Mehra, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Gilead

At IBM, we’re committed to creating a safe and inclusive workplace for every employee. As we work together to address inequalities across social, economic and demographic factors, we know that understanding the unique experience of others is key to equality. By listening to and learning from those living with HIV, we are building a workplace and society free of stigma where everyone can be visible and supported.

Carla Grant-Pickens, VP, Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, IBM

We have a great opportunity, and a responsibility, as a global firm to ensure we do everything we can to offer a safe environment in which employees feel they belong and can thrive. SAP is proud of #WorkingPositively, an initiative that aims to de-stigmatize HIV-positive employees and other chronic illnesses.

Luka Mucic, Chief Financial Officer and member of Executive Board, SAP