Navigating Qualtrics

  • Multiple Survey Users: The survey only supports one user at a time, so please coordinate team efforts internally. Multiple users working on the survey at the same time from different computers is likely to cause errors and should be avoided.

  • Save Your Work:

    • As you work, click "Save and Continue," or “Table of Contents” at the bottom of each page. This always saves your work.

    • Each time you return to the survey, you will be taken to the page worked on by the last user.

    • The last question of each section asks “Save survey as: FINAL or DRAFT.” (The default selection is “DRAFT”). Before the survey can be submitted to HRC, all sections must be saved as "FINAL."

    • When you select “Save survey as: FINAL” in each section, the system will check to make sure you've entered all required information. If not, you will receive an error message. Remember: all questions noted with an * as required.

    • Keep sections marked “Save survey as “DRAFT” if you know you still have work to do on the section.

    • For a snapshot view, go to the "Survey Progress Check and Submission" section to see a summary of the status as DRAFT/FINAL for each section.

    • All sections must be marked “FINAL” before you will be able to submit the survey.

  • Navigating to Prior Sections: Note that there are no “Back” buttons in the survey. Please use the “Table of Contents” button and/or the control panel on the left-hand side of the survey to navigate to different sections of the survey.

  • Survey Progress: The control panel shows a table of contents that includes checkmarks (✔) next to each section. Please note that checkmarks indicate that you have looked at an entire section but does not mean that you have completed all of the required questions in a section. Use the "Survey Progress Check and Submission" for a snapshot view of your completion status.

  • Uploading Documents: For some questions, you will be asked to upload documentation. The survey interface allows for one file to be uploaded. If you have multiple documents, please combine into a single file prior to upload.

    • If you need to replace a previously uploaded file, please upload the new file to overwrite the previous file.

  • Preliminary Scorecards: If the preliminary score is not calculating correctly, please navigate away from the page using the Table of Contents button. Check your status at the and then click save and continue to return to this page to refresh the score. This will only update the final score, not the sub-sections. If you have additional questions regarding preliminary score or wish to confirm a score, please email

  • Electronic Signatures: An electronic signature of an executive-level representative is required in the Transgender-Inclusive Benefits section. Additionally, an electronic signature of the Official 2019 CEI Survey Submitter is required in the Survey Submission section.

  • Saving a Copy: You will be able to save a summary of your survey responses after submitting.

  • A member of the Workplace Equality Team will reach out from with any questions as we review your survey and supporting documentation.

Click this icon to display the control panel outlining the survey sections.

Qualtrics Navigation Modules

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