LGBTQ+ Benefits Guide (Criterion 2e)

LGBTQ+ Benefits Guide (Criterion 2e)

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Why an LGBTQ+ Benefits Guide?

LGBTQ+ employees still face significant challenges in gaining access to medically necessary care even when robust healthcare offerings are technically available. For example, employees often feel compelled to out themselves to in order to gain information regarding their healthcare plans, such as transgender-inclusive healthcare services and treatment options.

Additionally, there is often a lack of clarity on what services and treatments are covered under employers' insurance plan(s). We also see a need to support troubleshooting any challenges that may occur while seeking access to services and treatment. Thus, it is critical that employees know the services and treatment that are available to them without having to review dozens of pages of difficult to understand summary plan documents and clinical policies. It is also necessary that employees know who to contact and how to overcome challenges that they constantly face in attaining medically necessary care.

With this in mind, the HRC Foundation will require that employers develop and share an LGBTQ+ benefits guide outlining a general overview of coverage particularly relevant to LGBTQ+ employees. This includes information on domestic partner benefits coverage, family formation services such as IVF and surrogacy assistance, HIV/AIDS care coverage and transition related care.

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