Inclusive Culture Best Practices (Criteria 3b through d)

Inclusive Culture Best Practices (Criteria 3b through d)

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Why inclusive culture best practices?

To receive credit in Criteria 3b through d (20 points):

Businesses must demonstrate a firm-wide, sustained efforts to measure LGBTQ+ identity with data collection, including at least one of the following elements (5 points):

  • Anonymous employee engagement or climate surveys conducted on an annual or biennial basis that provides employees with the option to identify as LGBTQ+
  • Data collection forms that include employee race, ethnicity, gender, military and disability status — typically recorded as part of employee records — include optional questions on sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Board (or other governing body) member demographic data collection include the option for individuals to report their sexual orientation and gender identity or self-identity as LGBTQ+

Businesses must demonstrate ongoing commitment to workplace transgender inclusion with the following efforts (5 points):

  • Gender transition guidelines with supportive restroom, dress code and documentation guidance
  • Implementation of the at least one (1) of the following policies or practices:
    • Trans-inclusive restroom/facilities policy
    • Gender-neutral dress code
    • Policies/procedures that allow for optional sharing of gender pronouns

Participants must have either an LGBTQ+ employee resource group or diversity council inclusive of LGBTQ+ issues (10 points).

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