Ensure Access to Gender-Affirming Care

Ensure Access to Critical Services for Transgender/Non-binary Employees and Families

We know that employers of all shapes and sizes want to create a safe and inclusive workplace environment where all employees feel safe and affirmed, especially the most marginalized. Right now the LGBTQ+ community is facing challenges all across the country, especially transgender and non-binary workers and families. With access to gender-affirming care being stripped away in states across our country, there are steps employers can take to show they care and understand the circumstances LGBTQ+ families are facing. Physical and psychological safety are essential for employers to consider for all their employees, especially transgender and non-binary employees and families.

Employers can show their commitment to transgender and non-binary inclusion by taking these simple steps.

Review these Employee Benefits, Workplace Policies and Best Practices for Inclusion:

  • Inclusive Transgender Healthcare

  • Travel & Lodging Services for Access to affirming healthcare

  • Mental Health and Wellness Programs to support employees and their dependents

  • Employee Relocation Benefits

  • Hybrid/Remote Working Opportunities

  • Time off from Work

  • Bathroom Access

  • Inclusive Dress code policy

  • Support employees transitioning at the workplace

  • Review internal policies for inclusive language

  • Create Employee Networks (ERGs) that support Transgender employees and families

  • Provide employee training on the transgender community

Non-discrimination policies, benefits and other practices that include LGBTQ+ workers are essential for businesses as they compete for talent and customers. Learn more and find more resources to support your transgender and non-binary employees here.