Corporate Equality Index: About the Survey

Survey Process

The surveys will be sent out in early summer. If a business has not previously participated in the HRC Corporate Equality Index, surveys are sent to the chief executive officer or managing partner of the firm, as well as the head of human resources and diversity managers or chairs when it is possible to obtain this information. If a business has previously participated in the Corporate Equality Index, surveys are first sent to the individuals responsible for the previous submissions.

Participating businesses submit their answers through a web-based survey which includes links to sample policies and other guidance on the HRC Workplace Project website; HRC Foundation staff and Business Council members provide additional assistance and advice throughout the process. Businesses are able to check their preliminary ratings through the online survey and are invited to provide HRC with any additional information or updates before the report is released.

If a business does not submit a survey, the HRC Foundation may still rate that business if it has obtained sufficient information to do so, or if the employer has submitted a survey in previous years and the information is still accurate. In these cases, the HRC Foundation notifies that employer of the rating and asks for any updates. In most cases, if the employer has not previously submitted a survey, the employer has not responded to the HRC Foundation's request.

Who Completes the Survey

Typically, one person acts as the official submitter of the survey and is responsible for obtaining information from multiple departments. At any point, the following practice areas may need to provide input for the survey:

  • Human Resources
  • Diversity
  • Staffing
  • Counsel / Legal
  • Marketing / Communications and
  • Corporate Giving / Foundation Relations.

The Business Case 

  • Drives recruitment and retention of talent, eliminates barriers to investment
  • Eliminates inconsistencies across operations, business clients and suppliers.
  • Reinforces corporate reputation as a champion of fairness and equality. 
  • LGBTQ and fair-minded market segment is looking to spend their dollars with companies that align with their values.

A copy of each year's survey can be viewed in the appendices of that year's CEI report:

2021 Corporate Equality Index Timeline

*Please note: With the global COVID-19 pandemic, HRC will continue to closely monitor the situation and its impact on our corporate participants. We will adjust the timeline for the CEI if needed.

On or before June 17th: All survey links released (full and recertification)

August 7th: Deadline for Recertification surveys

September 4th: Deadline for full surveys

Sept, Oct 2020: HRC review and validation process

Nov 2020: Survey Scores finalized, communicated to participants

Jan 2021: CEI 2021 Report Release