All Children - All Families: Baseline Staff Assessment

Assessing your organization’s LGBTQ cultural competence requires an understanding of the general level of skills, knowledge and comfort of your staff in working with the LGBTQ community. For smaller agencies this may be easier to gauge, but for larger agencies, particularly those with multiple sites and divisions, it may be more difficult.

All Children - All Families provides a Baseline Staff Assessment for agency leaders to administer to their staff to get a more accurate measure of their readiness to work with the LGBTQ community. This staff assessment helps identify any issues of particular concern and better plan for staff development/training to enhance their performance and cultural competence. It includes questions on your staff's LGBTQ-related practice experience, knowledge, attitudes, and skills. The survey requires 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

Administering the Assessment

If you’d like to administer this assessment at your agency, contact All Children - All Families at Here are more details on the assessment process:

  • Completed online: The assessment is completed online; an ACAF staff member will provide a unique link for your agency via email. This same link should then be sent to all staff members who need to complete the assessment.
  • Confidential responses:The first page of the assessment asks staff to create a unique ID code; surveys are anonymous and the unique ID code is used for tracking purposes.
  • Applicable for all staff: The assessment link should be sent to all agency employees including clerical staff, top management, agency social workers, etc.
  • Timeline for completion: It is recommended that agencies take no more than two weeks to administer the assessment to its staff. Upon completion, a detailed report of the results is sent to the agency.
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