All Children - All Families: LGBTQ+ Specific Staff Surveys

Assessing your organization’s LGBTQ+ inclusion requires an understanding of the general level of skills, knowledge and comfort of your staff in working with the LGBTQ+ community. For smaller agencies this may be easier to gauge, but for larger agencies, particularly those with multiple sites and divisions, it may be more difficult.

All Children - All Families recommends agency leaders administer a survey to their staff to get a more accurate measure of their readiness to work with the LGBTQ+ community. This staff survey helps identify any issues of particular concern and better plan for staff development/training to enhance their performance and knowledge. It should include questions on your staff's LGBTQ+ related practice experience, knowledge, attitudes, and skills. 

Recommendations for Administering the Staff Survey 

  • Confidential responses: In order to ensure staff feel free to respond honestly, the survey should allow for anonymous responses.
  • Applicable for all staff: The survey should be sent to all agency employees including clerical staff, top management, agency social workers, etc.
  • Timeline for completion: It is recommended that agencies take no more than two weeks to administer the survey to its staff. 
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