All Children - All Families: Training Interest Form

The All Children - All Families expert LGBTQ cultural competency training program can be customized for the needs of individual agencies. All Children - All Families offers two training options: a Training of Facilitators to build an agency's internal training capacity and a 3-part, customizable Training Series for which ACAF Master Trainers provide training for agency staff.

This training is intended for child welfare agencies and organizations – both public and private that: provide direct services to youth in out-of-home care (e.g. foster care, residential services, advocacy, etc.) and/or provide licensing, matching, support and placement services to foster/adoptive parents.

Training is offered through a fee-for-service model; cost varies based on the number of trainers required, the number of days of training, and travel requirements for the trainer(s). The average cost is approximately $1500 per trainer/per day of training.

Requests for training from organizations that fall within the scope of the program and indicate they have a budget for professional development will be prioritized.

Please complete this form to indicate your interest in ACAF staff training.

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