All Children - All Families: Participating on Behalf of an Adoption Exchange

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Adoption Exchanges participating in All Children - All Families are assessed on the following policy and practice areas:

  1. Non-Discrimination
  2. Staff Training
  3. Rolling Out the Welcome Mat
  4. Adoption Exchange Best Practices
  5. Sustainability & Capacity Building
  6. Leadership & Innovation

Adoption Exchange Best Practices

Adoption Exchanges should implement the following key practices to ensure that their services are LGBTQ inclusive and affirming. Each practice below is required for the Solid Tier. If any of the services do not apply to an Adoption Exchange’s practices, there is an opportunity to indicate “Not Applicable” in the Agency Self-Assessment.

  • a) Adoption Exchange provides staff guidance on handling SOGIE-related disclosures in child-centered recruitment.
  • b) Adoption Exchange advocates for LGBTQ-inclusive and affirming practices in child welfare systems (both generally and case-specific).
  • c) Adoption Exchange provides LGBTQ-inclusive post-permanency/ongoing support and education to families.
  • d) Adoption Exchange’s public education/information sharing resources are inclusive of LGBTQ-specific topics.
  • e) Adoption Exchange provides other LGBTQ-inclusive services.