All Children - All Families: Participating on Behalf of a CASA Affiliate

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CASA affiliates participating in All Children - All Families are assessed on the following policy and practice areas:

  1. Non-Discrimination
  2. Staff Training
  3. Rolling out the Welcome Mat
  4. CASA Best Practices
  5. Youth Best Practices
  6. Sustainability & Capacity Building
  7. Leadership & Innovation

CASA Best Practices

CASA affiliates should implement the following key practices to ensure that LGBTQ adults are welcomed and included as CASA volunteers. Where applicable, parent training and support materials should include considerations for caring for LGBTQ youth. Each practice below is required for the Solid Tier.

  • a) CASA targets LGBTQ volunteers in recruitment efforts (e.g., using ads featuring LGBTQ volunteers, attending LGBTQ events, partnering with LGBTQ community groups, and engaging current LGBTQ volunteers as ambassadors).
  • b) CASA ensures LGBTQ volunteers feel included in volunteer trainings (e.g., trainers are prepared to deliver LGBTQ-related content and skilled in creating an inclusive space for LGBTQ parents).
  • c) CASAs volunteer trainings provide information on creating a safe and affirming environment for LGBTQ youth (e.g., agency LGBTQ youth policy, research on LGBTQ youth in care, affirming caregiver behaviors, etc.).
  • d) CASA provides LGBTQ-inclusive ongoing support and education to existing volunteers.
  • e) CASA provides staff with guidance on conducting LGBTQ-affirming volunteer interviews/assessments.
  • f) CASA tracks data on the number of LGBTQ volunteers served (e.g., information on number of LGBTQ volunteers approved and number of placements, etc.).
  • g) CASA identifies and utilizes a list of LGBTQ-competent referrals for outside services for volunteers.