Transgender Justice Initiative

HRC Foundation's Transgender Justice Initiative leads economic empowerment programs, capacity-building initiatives, community engagement efforts, and public safety education campaigns that combat the discrimination faced by transgender people.

Transgender people face systemic barriers to full participation in society, and are deeply impacted by racism, sexism and transphobia. The Transgender Justice Initiative addresses the urgent needs of the transgender community, and addresses the root causes of the physical danger, hatred and discrimination faced by transgender people in the United States.

300 Stories

Mentioned the Transgender Justice Initiative during Transgender Week of Awareness and Transgender Day of Remembrance alone, reaching a total of 1.3 billion and a value of over $500,000.

7.6k Facebook views

For the opening plenary of the National Justice & Advocacy Summit, which featured national trans advocates who conducted workshops on a variety of topics relevant to the community.

30 Organizations and individual leaders

Were each awarded a $1,000 microgrant by the Transgender Justice Initiative, supporting work across the country with priority on Atlanta, Kansas City, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Dallas and New Orleans.

Transgender Justice Initiative: Four Key Pillars

Public Safety

There is an urgent crisis of public safety in the transgender community and local community leaders – including government officials and private industry stakeholders - must respond as such. Our report "Dismantling a Culture of Violence" examines the root causes of the epidemic of violence against transgender people, particularly Black and Brown transgender women.

Capacity Building

While the number of trans-focused and trans-led organizations is increasing, they are often limited in scope, capacity and technical operational expertise. Large majorities report needing organizational development training - including finding and responding to funding opportunities, budgeting and financial management, staff management and media training. Through two professional development programs created with and by community - Elevate and Activate - the Transgender Justice Initiative increases the leadership skills of transgender non-profit leaders.

Strategic Communications

To end stigma and increase acceptance, the public needs to be educated much more robustly than they are today. This work must be rooted in the real stories of transgender and gender non-conforming people, especially transgender people of color. The Transgender Justice Initiative creates strategic communications campaigns to advance the national conversation about this epidemic of violence. This includes a public service announcement campaign in collaboration with WarnerMedia to lift up the voices and stories of transgender and gender non-conforming people in homes across the country.

Economic Empowerment

Transgender and non-binary people, and particularly those of color, experience higher unemployment and underemployment rates than their cisgender peers. The Transgender Justice Initiative and Trans Can Work's "Who’s Hiring" webcast series highlights current employment opportunities. Through this partnership, we also provide job preparation resources such as resume prep and interviewing skills guidance.

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